[Foundation-l] English Wikipedia ethnocentric policy affects other communities

Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 12:02:15 UTC 2006

It is not a matter of "you bad bad en.wikipedia admins". With single 
login there is no way this policy can be kept. Checking for characters 
that belong together is feasible. With a technology that will be 
implemented that allows for one user in all projects it is impossible to 
maintain that Latin characters are to be used throughout the whole of 
wikipedia. Suggesting that this is not to be implemented would be 

David Gerard schreef:
> On 20/12/06, Stephen Bain <stephen.bain at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The problem is fairly simple, people who speak only English don't
>> bother installing language support on their computers, even though
>> (AFAIK) it is included with all operating systems these days. All they
>> need to do is get their installation CD out and turn it on.
> The actual problem is similar characters in usernames (which I
> understand is being addressed) and distinguishing bot-gibberish from
> actual plausible names.
> en: gets stupendous amounts of vandalism, and it's a huge amount of
> botwork and semi-botwork just coping with it.
> Saying "you bad bad en: admins, stop doing this" won't make the actual
> vandalism problem go away. I eagerly await hearing responses on this
> thread that deal with the fact that there is an actual problem this
> was put in place as a response to. If ja: says "en:, stop doing this"
> without offering a solution, en: isn't going to take a whole lot of
> notice as the problem affects en: rather than ja:
> - d.

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