[Foundation-l] .eu domains lost (Was: .eu domains soon)

Jan Kulveit jk-wikifound at ks.cz
Wed Aug 30 14:47:45 UTC 2006


after less than a year .eu registration finally have results

wikipedia.eu was finaly lost to subject actively hostile to 
Wikimedia, see www.wikipedia.eu. (It's not because they were 
that clever or agressive, but because Wikimedia wasnt much

wikimedia.eu is probably going to be lost as Wikimedia didnt
even applied

Jan Kulveit (Wikimol)

On Fri, Nov 18, 2005 at 01:49:36PM +0100, Jan Kulveit wrote:
> Hi,
> the 1st sunrise period for .eu domain registration is going 
> to begin soon - 7 December 2005
> only domain names which are registred EU community/national
> trademarks will be registered.
> I'm not sure about the status of Wikimedia trademarks, but
> guess at least Wikipedia a Wikimedia are suitable. IMO
> "we" should apply at least for wikipedia.eu and wikimedia.eu.
> Because of trademark issues and eu regulations concernig 
> who can apply for .eu, I'm affraid it will be a bit 
> complicated. I hope someone from the foundation can take care
> of it.
> (If the process is allready going, sorry :-)
> Jan Kulveit ([[USEr:Wikimol]])

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