[Foundation-l] Professional bookkeeping in the office

Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 29 12:48:42 UTC 2006

--- Brad Patrick <bradp.wmf at gmail.com> wrote:
> I write to advise the community that we have successfully brought a 
> bookkeeper in to work with Michael Davis on a part-time basis, Tricia 
> Hoffman. Trish was referred to us by our audit firm and has more than 
> ten years of complicated full-cycle accounting experience.  During an 
> initial transition phase, Michael will be working with Trish to learn 
> the accounts and work with our internal processes.  Following the 
> certification and publication of our audited financial statements, we 
> will resume publication of our financials, on what I anticipate will be 
> a monthly basis.  Trish has agreed to provide professional support for 
> our accounting functions on a contract basis.  After we have worked 
> together for a while, we will reassess based on the amount of time that 
> is appropriate for the tasks required.

Wow - great news! Mid-term, I would like us to hire a relevantly-trained professional full time to
keep the books, coordinate budgets and conduct donor management (the person, IMO, would need to be
based in the St Pete office). Eventually, I imagine several people would need to specialize in
certain areas and be supervised by a Finance Director. 
> mav has had an extraordinary influence on WMF and is to be heartily 
> congratulated for his willingness to jump in and work hard, especially 
> in the earliest days of the projects.  As I have come to appreciate the 
> work that must be done to keep things going in the office, mav's energy 
> and initiative become all the more apparent.  I'm sure he will continue 
> to contribute in multiple ways going forward.
> Thanks, mav!

I am just one of many people who helped - and continue to help. I certainly will not stop helping
where I can and where I see a need to fill (hopefully in areas that are more fun than accounting
and budgeting). 

But thank you and everybody else for saying such nice things. :)

-- mav

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