[Foundation-l] Resignation as CFO

Anthere Anthere9 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 28 21:17:28 UTC 2006

Daniel Mayer wrote:
> In July 2004 I was appointed to the official position of Chief Financial Officer of the Wikimedia
> Foundation. The expectation, backed up by repeated calls from myself, was that I would be replaced
> by a relevantly trained paid professional when the needs of the foundation became greater than
> what I, as a part time volunteer, could provide. 
> During my tenure, I have helped with bookkeeping, budgeting, financial reporting, and with
> fundraising. I am most proud of my work coordinating several fundraisers that together brought in
> nearly a million dollars for the foundation. I am least proud of the last nine months, a time when
> the board repeatedly failed to meet to discuss proposed budgets I submitted to them or to give me
> direction on what we could or could not publish to the community in regards to spending. 
> Last week, the board informed me that a selection process has been initiated to hire a paid
> professional to help run the foundation's finances from the Wikimedia office in Saint Petersburg,
> Florida, USA. At the same time, the board informed me that they approved the membership of a
> fundraising committee. I will be serving on that committee. 
> I therefore resign as Chief Financial Officer of the Wikimedia Foundation but will continue to
> help where needed during the transition process. 
> It truly amazes me how long we, as an organization that runs one of the top sites on the Internet,
> can go on volunteer time alone. So it is both a sad and happy day for me as I prepare to hand the
> baton to a paid professional. 
> Yours in the wikiway, 
> Daniel Mayer,
> Wikipedian

Thank you as well Mav.
Indeed, the Foundation is getting more and more professional. It is 
somehow a bit sad, but the good side of it (at least until now) is that 
it frees volunteers time to do what is giving them the most pleasure and 


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