[Foundation-l] Approved requests for new languages: Siberian

Александр Сигачёв alexander.sigachov at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 14:25:31 UTC 2006

It's interesting.

Siberian language is in list of approved requests for new languages.
It has more then 1000 articles in Incubator.

Siberian language does not have an ISO code.
Where are no article or any references to the language in English Wikipedia.

>From official site of the language:
"It is project of language based on old north dialects of Russian language".

>From http://wikiznanie.ru
"Siberian language was created in 2005."

I can not find discussion about this language in archive of "Requests
for new languages".

Where were 30 (or more) votes "oppose" in August 8, but where are only
15 votes "oppose" in summary about the language in the approved list.

See list of "support" votes in history of the discussion.

They are mostly anonymous.

So, was this language really approved?

Alexander Sigachov

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