[Foundation-l] Idea for New Wikimedia Project, possible adjunct to Wikiversity

No Spam nospam at cacace.org
Mon Aug 28 14:17:31 UTC 2006

<Virgil Ierubino Wrote:>
> I already have a live version of this in use, at Cambridge University, so
> I've already very thoroughly thought about the problems it could face, and
> worked out (I believe) viable ways around them. For now I'd like to just
> discuss the basic idea. The idea is clearer with a university example:

In your current implementation, at Cambridge, are you witnessing any change 
in behavior from note takers?
I envision a moral hazard, or a kind-of prisoner's dilemma, manifested in 
lazy students waiting for others to post notes.
Then, eventually, note-takers catch on and stop posting...
How's that playing out in your prototype setting?


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