[Foundation-l] Which policy do you use in your Wikipedia?

Tomasz Ganicz polimerek at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 12:55:47 UTC 2006

2006/8/28, valdelli at bluemail.ch <valdelli at bluemail.ch>:
> Which policy do you use in your Wikipedia about recent events?
> Do you establish a fixed time (i.e 30 days) to accept new articles
> for them? Or do you analyze every single case?
> I ask for this rule because some articles are written in
> journalistic style and could be not acceptable for Wikipedia and I'm
> investigating in which way other Wikipedias solve this problem.
> Regards
> Ilario

In Polish there is no such rule at all. People usally write articles
imediatly after media broadcasts of the events. Some put the info even
"ahead" of time. For example they change the name of prime minister of
Poland, when it is obvious that he/she will be voted in Parliament
before voting, so we have to revert them :-) We have even a special
template saying that the article is about current event. Usally,
several days after the event this template is removed and the article
is cleaned up from "journalistic style".

Tomek "Polimerek" Ganicz

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