[Foundation-l] Draft on voting eligibility clarification (Re: Open question from an Election Official: on voters' elibiglity)

Jeffrey V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Sun Aug 27 19:01:31 UTC 2006

Aphaia wrote:

>Thanks to all those who contributed their ideas. After considering the
>opinions posted on meta, I propose the below as our policies for voter
>eligibility in the coming Election:
>   1. Users indefinitely banned or blocked from any Wikimedia project
>may not vote in the Wikimedia Foundation Board elections. This means
>they may not vote using the blocked account or from any other account
>they may hold on a Wikimedia project.
>   2. Users temporarily banned or blocked from any Wikimedia project
>may not vote from the blocked or banned account for the duration it is
>blocked. However, they may vote from any other project on which they
>are eligible to vote, or they may vote after being unblocked if the
>election is still open.
>   3. Election officials may strike votes from users who do not meet
>the eligibility criteria described above. Officials may find
>disqualified voters by searching manually, by technical filtering (to
>be provided by developer(s) if possible), or by third-party reports.
>   4. Any Wikimedia user is invited to report questionable votes to
>the Election Officials. To ensure the authenticity of the reports, we
>highly recommend that bureaucrats or admins of a local wiki make the
>reports, and we appreciate the assistance of local wiki admins in
>checking such questionable votes. Admins of local wikis are welcome to
>report on projects other than the ones on which they are
>administrators; however, local admins are expected to be the most
>reliable source of such information.
>Your comments and feedback to the dedicated page on meta will be appreciated.
>The final version will be posted on meta and foundation-l before the
>Election starts.
This is reasonable.


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