[Foundation-l] proposed new project - wikistandards

Jeff V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Fri Aug 25 20:32:47 UTC 2006

No Spam wrote:

>I would like to propose a new wikiproject, called wikistandards, in which the community at-large contributes to the creation of international standards (a wiki version of ANSI and ISO).
>The first standard I would like to begin work on is a Project Management standard. The impetus for this comes from my frustration over the Project Management Institute's standard www.pmi.org
>It is also an IEEE standard:
>And there is also the ISO standard:
>There are other lesser known examples of closed committee works or this nature.
>The PMI standard suffers from 'design by committee' and is, to say the least, stultifying. 
>Lets see how the wiki community does at designing standards.
>I look forward to comments.
>I am willing to start the first project off but need some guidance and advice on how to proceed.
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Stating the projects comply with ISO standards is a fantastic idea, and 
opens all all sorts of avenues of opportunity for funding and working 
with large organizations. The MediWiki appliace company is already ISO 
9000 compliant on manufacturing and ISO standards. Great move.


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