[Foundation-l] Language Requests at Wikimedia Incubator

Daniel Bregman dbmag9 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 13:18:35 UTC 2006

Wikimedia Incubator is there for testing new languages and new project
ideas. To this end we feel that it would make sense to move the
existing Meta page (Requests for new languages, Proposed projects
etc.) to Incubator.

We've had a couple of ideas about how to do this (specifically for the new
language requests).

    New requests are made at Incubator, old requests finish as they
would at Meta until the Meta page is empty.
   2. All the current requests are moved to the Incubator and continued
   3. All the current requests are finished without consensus, and left
   to start again at Incubator.

What do you lot think? Similar things could happen with new project
proposals, although it is more complicated (because of project description
pages etc.).

Thanks, Daniel.



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