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effe iets anders effeietsanders at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 16:19:56 UTC 2006

Hello all,

Today I was asked to put some quote on the WMF-wiki, and went surfing
on the wiki. It appeared to me:
A - that the catigorization was very weird. Everything is based on
languages, and some multilangual pages are just put into the category:
English. Wouldn't it be more logical to put it all  in

B - The Wiki is way outdated. For instance: the page [[Awards]].
Didn't we win any awards since 2004? In that case we are doing a bad

C - The criteria are very unclear: In the page Awards is also
mentioned that Wikipedia was in the top 100 once, but is that an
award? And for http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Community_meetup :
What local meetups should be mentioned? Should they be mentioned at
all? Should all conferences about Wikimedia be mentioned? These are
probably just a few examples of a lot more similar things.

This alltogether looks quite messy. And at the end, especially for a
foundation ''based'' on the internet, the website is a businesscard.
So enough reason to do something about it.

Would it be an idea to make a team of people (not just one) who can
restructure the Wiki, categorize nicely, try to update, delete what is
unnessecairily (like the french version of the awards page: all empty
but the langbar) and coordinate with the translation-committee? It
should mostly be structural changes.

Together with that, could there be a namespace in Meta with all pages
on WMF-wiki, where they can be adapted, and after adaption the
improved version can be set over to WMF-wiki? That way the pages can
be adapted much easier, without asking too much time of the small
group with an account on the WMF-wiki.

Please give your view on this. Thank you.

Greetings, Lodewijk Gelauff aka effeietsanders

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