[Foundation-l] beta.wikiversity.org

Robert Scott Horning robert_horning at netzero.net
Wed Aug 23 11:58:36 UTC 2006

Luiz Augusto wrote:

>Are really in plans to create a beta.wikiversity.org for beta testing in
>non-English and non-German languages? Up today
>http://beta.wikiversity.org/returns a error message.
>Tiny suggestion: create the beta-testing wiki in wikiversity.org, like
>Wikisource and http://wikisource.org
So what is the point of this wiki that isn't being served by the 
incubator?  This seems pointless to move content to this wiki from 
Wikibooks (Wikiversity is on more than en.wikibooks), only to move it 
again and again.

Or is the incubator Wikipedia only?

Robert Scott Horning

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