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Aphaia aphaia at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 07:30:10 UTC 2006

Thank you for showing interests,
Although I directly replied to a certain editor who has been already
involved into the operational side very well, and personally I
convinced all involved parties will be supportive for this editor, I
think it would be nice to show what we/I did and will do last week and
this week.

- a meeting  (1 hour) with Datrio via google chat on confirmation
(procedure, drafting relevant announcement etc).
- posting that announcement to meta & foundation-l (by me)
- bringing a possible problem on candidacy (by me; no response until now)
- replying Fl Celloguy's questions sent to us three
- trying to multilingualize meta sitenotice (by me; failed)
- copyediting some Japanese translation related to the Election
- found some wikis lacking sitenotice; contact to the local people
through irc and other media and ask them to restore (by me; needed
three days in a sum; I hope local community realises the global
sitenotce is the notice on the global issues from the Foundation,
based on many discussions between several involved parties [this case,
Election officers, Communication committees and some developers], and
even if they don't want, it is unthoughtful to remove it without
reporting to the global community in a proper channel like
- drafting a note for candidates (by me; thanks mindspillage for her
- send meta mails to unconfirmed candidates (be me; I asked others to
share this work but no response came; then I realized a need to
additional help).

Though I wanted to do something for Election related as one of
Election Officials and of Promotion & Translation Subcommittee, I
found no enough time to deal with those. So it should be done in this

- end the confirmation process [till Tuesday]; currently four
candidates had no information from us, if I recall correctly. They
want not to be mailed. Perhaps we put a note to their talk or
- discussion and decision-making of a certain candidate's candidacy [till 8/28]
- checking translation of candidate presentation and coordination, if
necessary. Collaboration with PTsubcom might be considered. [asap, and
till 8/28]
- preparing the translation platform for new boardvote messages [asap,
and translation into major langs will be ideally ended before the
voting, 9/1, or the voters will be misinformed in some points]
- make a complete list of [confirmed] candidates and give it a
developer (perhaps Tim Starling) [8/29]
- update Election FAQ on meta, if possible, translation coordination
of FAQ into several major languages
- checking wikis randomly to know if they have been informed about
this Election properly (some wikis might hold the last year notice
...) [if time available]

I hope these two lists help you to understand what we have done and
will do, and also why I think an additional help is necessary at this

Also, I'd like to stress that I expected the requested helper as not
informal one, but a formal additional staff, since I think the absence
of two "inspectors" has paralysed the decision making process related
to this Election recently, and personally I think it inappropriate
that one remaining, that is,  "additional" officer (in this case, me)
makes a decision unilaterally, in particular some serious issues like
candidacy or voters' eligibility. To make a decision by consensus, I
long for an additional staff whose opinion can be legitimately
reflected to the Election Officials decisions.

I had no time to discuss the above with anyone until now, so don't
know how the idea we have one another Election Official in that moment
will be considered by the Board, other Officers and involved parties,
however I'd like to point out that it would be better for us to have
such before voting starts than after that.

> > > On 8/19/06, Anthere < Anthere9 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > > > Hello,
> > > >
> > > > It seems we have a shortage of help for election officials, at least
> > > for
> > > > august. Could someone give a hand to Aphaia and assist her ?
> > > >
> > > > Thanks
> > > >
> > > > Anthere

Kizu Naoko
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  * vivemus, mea Lesbia, amemus *

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