[Foundation-l] (no subject)

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sun Aug 20 17:59:49 UTC 2006

Anthere wrote:

>Austin Hair wrote:
>>On 8/20/06, Scott Zager <archmagusrm at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>It might be helpful to send a quick message to the list when this type of
>>>instance occurs that just lets everybody know the response to the issue.  It
>>>both informs readers that the issue was handled and shows them more
>>>specifically what type of messages get moderated.
>>I fired off a brief note to the other list admins, of course; in the
>>future, people should assume that (i) spam is something that will get
>>you moderated, and (ii) we're on top of it.
>He did it. My mistake.
>The message went to one of my minor email box and I only saw it after I 
>checked myself.
>I just updated the admin to change that and mention my more usual email 
Despite the most dilligent efforts to thwart them a few spammers will 
inevitably make it through.  On the whole the admins are quite 
successful about this.  It's no big deal when they miss one once in a while.


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