[Foundation-l] Removal of Cherokee Translators from Wikimedia

Jeff V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Thu Aug 17 22:43:40 UTC 2006

Amgine wrote:

> On 17-Aug-06, at 3:28 PM, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
>> Well, as I said, I really could care less, and since a response  does 
>> not
>> appear to be forthcoming to my question, I'll simply plod along and  get
>> back to
>> my translating work and MediaWiki enhancements. I have a talk page  
>> is on
>> meta and I am placing my **individual** name removed by Aphia
>> back as a Cherokee translator (Aphia does not respond to any of my
>> questions on any site and is a non-responsive translation  coordinator).
>> I've enabled notification, and since you have stated I am welcome as a
>> Cherokee translator as in individual, I'll certainly be available.
>> Jeff
> Such good-faith assumptions should not go unrewarded. Aphaia is not  
> in US CDT (-5 UTC); she is in fact in +9 UTC, and may soon be waking  
> up. Of course I am sure that you're completely opposed to expecting  
> people who are not in your cultural milieu/timezone/language to  
> respond promptly and immediately to an ettiquette demand from you,  
> and that you will retract your caddish insensitive remarks. Unless  
> you really do want to sound that way, in which case I apologize.
> Amgine
I've left messages for over a week to Aphia - she does not respond to me 
at all.   That's ok.  No, I meant nothing by it other than to state 
facts.   Please calm down and don't get so excited.    Aphia doesn't 
have to talk to me, but convening secret conferences to discuss 
something as meaningless and trivial to me as a website URL seems a 
waste of everyone's time.  Particularly since I left it there as a 
courtesy to the community and I could care less if it's on your page or 


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