[Foundation-l] Removal of Cherokee Translators from Wikimedia

Amgine amgine at saewyc.net
Thu Aug 17 19:38:28 UTC 2006

On 17-Aug-06, at 10:42 AM, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:

> Concensus from whom?   a triumverate of three?
> At any rate, discussion is open on the topic.   If having a Cherokee
> based community website is so offensive, I'll maintain it off site and
> the ANA and Federal Government finanacial contributors are welcome to
> help us with the program.

The promotions and translations subcommittee is an element of the  
Communications Committee. It's open to *individuals* to be involved,  
and they have a discussion list.

Your translators are undoubtedly welcome to be involved in group, as  
people. But websites are not people.


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