[Foundation-l] WG: Wikimania 2007 - get ready for the third edition.

valdelli at bluemail.ch valdelli at bluemail.ch
Thu Aug 17 18:17:58 UTC 2006

>> present
>> and organized.

>Actually, allow me to disagree. I believe that Wikimania city 
>should come from whoever feels like supporting them, whether or 
>they are from a chapter. Of course, in a country with a chapter, 
>from the chapter is appreciated, but not *needed*.

I agree. I said "strongly" support not "must".

>For the record, Frankfurt last year, as far as I can remember, was 
>bid springing out from three individuals and was supported by
>Wikimedia Deutschland *after* the city was chosen, not before.

Yes, but in 2005 there were few possibilities. 

In 2006 Toronto said that there was no Chapter in Canada to support 
the initiative.

>> At moment I could read a lot of proposed towns without 
>> with local chapters (i.e. Geneva) which are only a "nice to 
>> In
>> this moment these proposals seems to be only a brainstorming.

>Yes, but brainstorming are gooooooood! I don't think the chapters
>should try to take the bids into their stride or phagocytize them, 
>rather allow for individuals to come with fresh ideas and help 
>along the way if their ideas make sense, or not help them if they
>don't want to.

>Wikimania is a an international conference, not a national one...

Brainstorming is brainstorming and people know that in the 
brainstorming all is possible ("Wikimania on the moon? OK, it's 
brainstorming"). I think that we should be in the first step (after 
brainstorming) and we should be more concrete (at least following the 


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