[Foundation-l] Please activate the English Wikiversity using whatever standard nomenclature accessible from the main portal page wikiversity.org

Michael R. Irwin michael_irwin at verizon.net
Wed Aug 16 07:12:51 UTC 2006

George Herbert wrote:

>On 8/14/06, Anthere <Anthere9 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>It came to my mind that we probably did not clearly announced here that
>>we approved the creation of Wikiversity :-)
>>Here is the resolution :
>>A couple of important points
>>1) there will be a domain at beta.wikiversity.org, where all new
>>languages may contribute and start working on translation of guidelines
>>2) those languages with at least 10 active participants can request a
>>separate domain name. As of today, I presume the english language has at
>>least 10 people interested, so you guys may bug Brion to ask for
>>en.wikiversity.org. I am not sure if it is the case for any other
>>3) All sites will be flagged "beta" in the same way that wikinews has
>>been for at least 6 months.
>>4) During these 6 months, guidelines should be developped, *in
>>particular* with regards to collaborative research. We would hope that
>>these guidelines are as much as possible developped on the beta site (in
>>particular collaborative research), so that all languages share a common
>>goal and a few common non negociable rules.
>>5) At the end of these 6 months period, the project will be reviewed, in
>>particular so that the issue of collaborative research is qualified, and
>>if possible to define whether the beta stage is over. Reviewal will be
>>done by Spc.
>>I hope that's clear... ;-)
>>We wish good luck to this project.
>>foundation-l mailing list
>>foundation-l at wikimedia.org
>Thanks for the note on that.  Is there an ETA on beta.wikiversity.org going

If you could please activate a  Wikiversity mailing list as previously 
discussed it will be useful in coordinating Wikiversity activities and 
encouraging immediate participation and useful policy formation.

Further, if you could please activate the English namespace and make it 
accessible from a portal page similar to what has been done with 
Wikipedia it could get us off on a level playing field for everybody who 
chooses to participate or browse Wikiversity materials.  

This has the major advantage that all participants in all languages have 
an easy portal page and URL to publicize while encouraging useful 
participation from newcomers.

I will attempt to get a language registration page accessible from the 
current Wikibooks Wikiversity main page setup to facilitate documenting 
ten language users who wish to move away from the beta site currently 
being established to a dedicated language site.

Thanks for your efforts on our behalf.


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