[Foundation-l] Cherokee Sidebar Translation for http://chr.wikipedia.org

Jeffrey V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Wed Aug 16 02:34:09 UTC 2006

Angela wrote:

>>Jeff obviously just pasted the wrong URL in the body. It was correct
>>in his subject line, and the translations he provided were obviously
>>for our site.
>No, that wasn't obvious considering he's working on an external
>Cherokee machine translated project and not on Wikipedia.
Well, you're completely wrong about that. I upload translated and 
verified articles every day.

Angela, I'll interface with Danny, Brad, and Mr. Wales if I need to 
address the Board of Trustees. Thanks for
your views. I respectfully am in total disagreement with your opinions 
here, and I'll leave it at that. I was simply asking
who to contact, and those questions were answered. Have a great evening.



>Either way, mediawiki interface translations are not relevant to this
>Wikimedia Foundation mailing list.
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>foundation-l at wikimedia.org

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