[Foundation-l] Cherokee Sidebar Translation for http://chr.wikipedia.org

Jeffrey V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Wed Aug 16 02:20:44 UTC 2006

daniwo59 at aol.com wrote:

>It seems that Mr. Merkey is pointing to some corrections that need to be  
>made to the sidebar of chr.wikipedia.org. If that is the case, then it seems to  
>be something relevant to Foundation. 
>foundation-l mailing list
>foundation-l at wikimedia.org
Thanks Danny,


If the Foundation would consider integrating the Chr2syl program will 
make editing on the site A LOT easier for Cherokee editors and
will allow me to get other Cherokee to the site working on it as editors 
since they will be able to edit it without special tools and software.

It's at:



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