[Foundation-l] Cherokee Sidebar Translation for http://chr.wikipedia.org

Angela beesley at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 02:01:45 UTC 2006

> Angela wrote:
> >This is not relevant to the Wikimedia Foundation. If you want to
> >discuss an external cherokee project, please get your own mailing list
> >for that.
Jeffrey V. Merkey wrote:
> How do I do that? Link please?


Jeffrey V. Merkey wrote:
> Oh I see, Angela note the link in the Message header
> http://chr.wikipedia.org. Isn't this a Wikimedia Project or is there a
> separate list for this site?

chr.wikipedia.org is a Wikimedia project. The thing you keep spamming
this list about at chr.cherokee.org is not a Wikimedia project and I
would prefer if you would refrain from misleading people into thinking
it is.


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