[Foundation-l] Wikibooks texts and Wikiversity

Amgine amgine at saewyc.net
Wed Aug 16 00:49:00 UTC 2006

On 15-Aug-06, at 5:27 PM, James Hare wrote:

> That's what I was thinking: Wikiversity hosts the lesson plans, and  
> the
> lesson plans are based on books (courtesy of Wikibooks).

Lesson plans, multi-media content, workbooks, experiment suggestions,  
even art materials are all a part of modern textbooks. Usually these  
are a companion cd/dvd, or sold as "Teacher's book" or "Curriculum  
kit" by the publisher. Unless Wikibooks has defined itself  
exclusively as the dead-tree only textbook project, I can't imagine  
why these would not be hosted Wikibooks.


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