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Anthere Anthere9 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 16 00:19:46 UTC 2006

Amgine wrote:
> A comment in IRC yesterday raised a concern for me which I would like  
> to see addressed.
> Cormac mentioned that he and Mr Horning had discussed moving  textbooks 
> and curricula from en.Wikibooks to en.Wikiversity. He was  unsure if 
> this meant the textbooks would be deleted from  en.Wikibooks, but he was 
> sure any contributors who preferred working  on en.Wikibooks would be 
> able to copy them back to that project.
> This seems extremely odd to me, that deleting a textbook from  Wikibooks 
> would even be contemplated. Educational materials are,  after all, the 
> mission of the project. And dividing a textbook  between projects seems 
> to be forking, both of the book in question  and the potential 
> contributors as well, again something which should  not even be 
> contemplated in my opinion.
> Could the Wikiversity project please clarify this?

Amgine is correct.

The point of reference in the future should be this one : 

This proposal was the one which was approved for the creation of 
Wikiversity. This proposal makes it clear that both projects should try 
their best to cohabit in peace. Wikiversity should not become the new 
host provider of wikibooks content, but aim at building a collection of 
references for one topic.

For example : textbook, lesson plans, lecture notes, presentation 
slides, memory flash cards, listening exercises, educational video etc...

This does not mean that all these materials will be hosted on 
Wikiversity. Some may but other material may be found at wikipedia, or 
wikibooks and wikisource etc...
For each topic, Wikiversity will be the central place where someone may 
find the material available for a topic. If the material is on 
Wikibooks, then Wikiversity should only link to the Wikibooks content.

If Wikiversity wishes to double host the content, fine (though it seems 
  unecessary), but it is excluded that Wikibooks should lose its content 
because of Wikiversity activity.

This is within that spirit that the special project committee 
recommanded the creation of Wikiversity project.


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