[Foundation-l] Wikiversity license

Jeff V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Tue Aug 15 20:47:11 UTC 2006

George Herbert wrote:

>I think that the number of contributors to content of Wikiversity is low
>enough that a large portion of it may be able to be released under another
>license.  All doing that requires is getting affirmative assent of all the
>contributors to a page / article / book / whatever that they are ok with a
>new license.
>The time to start doing that is now, however.  And the question of what
>other license to use is a good one... if one hasn't been selected soon, it
>will be practically too late.
The Foundation should propose one as a draft and let the community vote 
in it since trademarks of the foundation may be involved
in hard copy works. Additionally, the current way WP works doesn't 100% 
adhere to the GFDL in all cases and putting stuff in
hard cover print looses all protections under DCMA and CDA. The 
publisher of these books becomes liable for the content. There
should be some consideration for a publisher taking these risks. For the 
Cherokee textbooks, less of a problem, since we are the only
consumers. English versions and more ubiquitous languages need some 
protection and concessions. It should be a top-down program.

The publisher is the one left holding the bag if there are IP, 
copyright, and trademark issues. At a minimum, the Foundation should be
entitled to royalties and the publisher for assuming this liability.

Allowing the community to retain some copyright rights is also a good 
idead, but only with the Foundation as their official agent and
holder of all right, title, and interest on behalf of the community.


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