[Foundation-l] Wikibooks texts and Wikiversity

Robert Scott Horning robert_horning at netzero.net
Tue Aug 15 19:43:52 UTC 2006

Craig Spurrier wrote:

>I would assume that they were referring to moving the content in the 
>Wikiversity namespace (http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Wikiversity). There 
>is plenty of content that is not appropriate for Wikibooks in this 
>namespace. AFAIK no one wants to delete actual textbooks from Wikibooks.
>The note on Wikibook's Wikiversity page states:
>"Material not in the "Wikiversity:" namespace should not be deleted off 
>this server unless it has undergone an official transwiki AND it has 
>been confirmed by Wikibookians that it does not meet Wikibooks' 
>inclusion criteria."
>I believe this notice accurately reflects the views of the Wikibooks 
One admin on Wikibooks actually put a speedy delete on the Wikiversity 
pages a few weeks ago, which was the reason for this notice.  I don't 
know the motivation behind that, but I think it is more people just 
trying to be anxious about moving stuff around and not knowing quite how 
it was going to be accomplished.

Robert Scott Horning

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