[Foundation-l] Wikiversity

Jimmy Wales jwales at wikia.com
Tue Aug 15 18:12:23 UTC 2006

NPOV does apply to Wikiversity, but of course context matters in how we 
understand and apply it.

For example, a course which is highly biased and pushing some POV should 
be fixed, as we would quite
properly consider it to be broken.

But of course, as Cormac points out, some of what Wikiversity is going 
to be about is explorations of
research, etc.  As Amgine put it, even here NPOV applies, but it applies 
in a way that makes sense for this
type of content.

The danger of saying too quickly "NPOV does not apply" is that we would 
thereby open the door to lunatics
(and there are lunatics!) trying to push extremely biased courses.  We 
can do better than that.


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