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Jeff V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Tue Aug 15 18:24:30 UTC 2006

Birgitte SB wrote:

>--- "Jeff V. Merkey" <jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com>
>>Cormac Lawler wrote:
>>>So, my parting thought is: What is that concept?
>>What is Wikiversity's NPOV?
>>University == accepted standards of "Academic
>>Freedom". (not MeatBall Wiki)
>>Wikiversity == accepted standards of "Academic
>>Freedom" (not MeatBall Wiki)
>>NPOV = No such thing in an environment of "Academic
>>Freedom", it's 
>>called "accepted standards of Academic Freedom".
>>If it's a university of content it needs to adhere
>>to these standards -- 
>>they've been around for a couple of thousand years
>>and seem
>>to work governing institutions of higher learning.
>>Should be no 
>>different if what you are creating is an open
>>environment -- Free speech
>>and all. The one exception to the Wiki MeatBall
>>rules would be this 
>>project -- within the framework of established
>>foundation policies of
>>fair treatment and code of conduct.
>The problem with "Acedemic Freedom" is it essentionaly
>means "Freedom for the Academics".  It basically says
>"you have passed the bar for entry into acedemia you
>may now do pretty much as you like".  Wikiversity does
>not have a bar for entry so it will need more
>restrictive policies than general academia.

Agreed. Code of Conduct. Foundation Policies. Getting folks to use the 
content and get it blessed would not be hard.
It's a word game. The word is "developed under an umbrella of Academic 
Freedom". This can mean to apply EXACTLY
the same rules that exist in Wikipedia, but approached from a different 

i.e. Foundation policies prohibit inflamatory writings that attack 
protected classes, NLT, and other restrictions. Not surprising, Universities
don;t tolerate this type of conduct either -- it's listed in the Code of 
Conduct and their published standards. I had this debate with the 
I was working with that has been historially funded in part by the 
Baptist Community. We applied a template of Academic Freedom and
appropriate standards -- result, classes which attack other religions 
are now banned in the cirriculum. Clubs for various groups are not, 
highly controversial clubs at schools. Academic Freedom means a lot of 
the same things Wikipedia policies esspouse, just not approached
the same way.

It would be an worthwhile goal to develop Wikiversity content under the 
auspices of "acccepted standards of Academic Freedom" which is broader
than "concensus based rules and standards". It's a top down approach, 
but still is open to community standards which can be input as a
Code of Conduct for conduction research, writing, and developing 


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