[Foundation-l] bylaws (second call)

Anthere anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 13 12:33:33 UTC 2006


It is still here.
Summary : we need to update the bylaws. On the page mentionned above, a 
new text is proposed. Please comment.

This text, amongst other things, removes the notion of membership. If 
you do not comment, nor propose another way to handle membership, the 
Foundation will not legally have members. You will not be Foundation 

Another issue I think matters is making it even clearer what our mission 
is. I think we all agree we are working so that our content stays 
available to the largest number of people on earth. We aim at lowering 
the barriers of language (in being multilingual) as well as financial 
barriers. And we seek reusability as a dogma.

Right now, people can reuse our content in three ways.

They can use the dumps. Everyone has full access to the entire content; 
it is not so easy to reuse though. And update are roughly once a month only.

Second, they can use the html dump. Everyone has full access to the 
entire content; it is easier to reuse. Updates are very poor 

Third, they can use live feeds. This requires cash (so, the barrier gets 
higher). Update is by definition live.

Fourth, they can copy and paste page by page. This is free, live. But it 
is a hell of a job.

I'd like us to consider the future. Not next month. Not even next 
spring. But maybe in 2 or 3 years.

Do we want html dumps to be more frequent ?

Do we want regular dumps to be more frequent ?

Could it happen that all attempts to automatically "feed" on the content 
  may be blockable ? And that a requirement be made to "pay" to get the 
content in a decent fashion ?

Doing dumps is currently free. But one may argue in the future that 
dumps actually requires employee working time. And one might argue that 
this cost money and that this service should require by default 
financial participation.

If so, the license will be respected, since everyone will be able to 
simply copy and paste content by hand, but will the *spirit* of sharing 
information with the world be respected ? I think that as soon as we 
start making people pay to get the content, it will not be since it will 
put a barrier to access.
Another barrier still respecting the license would be to provide dumps 
for free, but only for example, once a year.

I'd like that a note saying that global database content will always be 
made available for free from internet.

For that purpose, I actually think that our current "purpose" and "goal" 
as stated in the proposal, do not stress enough the "freedom" of 
content, as opposed to the "free of charge access".

I fear a slipery slope here, which I think is already starting with the 
concept of monetizing live feed.

I'd like some feedback on those thoughts please.

(with in mind that I do trust *entirely* current board members on such 
issues, but do not necessarily trust those who might come in the 
future). I am just trying to look ahead of potential dark pits.
The fact it is ahead does not mean it is less dangerous :-)


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