[Foundation-l] board, babysitting, speaking engagements, etc.

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sun Aug 13 01:04:31 UTC 2006

daniwo59 at aol.com wrote:

>What about the requests that don't come in via an  official Foundation
>address? If individuals are approached, are you  expecting them to
>follow these guidelines, or would those not count as  official
>Foundation talks? Do we have any way of knowing which events  are
>expecting an official representative of the  Foundation?
>All speaking requests in which people go out and represent the Foundation  
>should be under the auspicies and supervision of the Foundation. The Foundation  
>should know who is going out speaking on its behalf, what they are saying, 
>and  to whom--especially when registered trademarks and logos are concerned. We 
>are  wary of people misusing our logo and trademark on websites--why should we 
>not be  equally wary of people misusing our logo and trademark in the real 
>world?  Finally, when people contact the Foundation asking for a speaker, it is 
>safe to  assume that they expect an "official representative."
A further distinction needs to be made.  How does one distinguish  
between representing the Foundation, and representing a project like 
en-wikipedia? Since the organization would quite rightly limit its 
involvement with the operations of a project it follows that those who 
are asked to speak about how to use Wikipedia would be just as likely to 
represent their respective community.


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