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On  8/12/06, daniwo59 at aol.com <daniwo59 at aol.com> wrote:
> This  conversation had jumped back and forth from single-instance expenses
>  (eg. babysitting costs) to much larger issues such as speakers fees. With  
> number of speaking requests pouring in to the Foundation (and they  come in 
> an  ever increasing rate), I want to suggest the  following guidelines for 
>  members and others giving talks  about the Foundation.

What about the requests that don't come in via an  official Foundation
address? If individuals are approached, are you  expecting them to
follow these guidelines, or would those not count as  official
Foundation talks? Do we have any way of knowing which events  are
expecting an official representative of the  Foundation?
All speaking requests in which people go out and represent the Foundation  
should be under the auspicies and supervision of the Foundation. The Foundation  
should know who is going out speaking on its behalf, what they are saying, 
and  to whom--especially when registered trademarks and logos are concerned. We 
are  wary of people misusing our logo and trademark on websites--why should we 
not be  equally wary of people misusing our logo and trademark in the real 
world?  Finally, when people contact the Foundation asking for a speaker, it is 
safe to  assume that they expect an "official representative."

> 7. The Speaker Subcommittee will also request an  honorarium
> , to be paid to the Foundation, for providing a  speaker.

Are you suggesting that this Subcommittee would only send  people if an
honorarium was to be received? Or would you just be requesting  it on
the slim chance there is one? Considering I've only ever once  been
offered one, it doesn't seem very likely most speakers are going  to
get this, unless you want to start turning down the opportunity  to
promote the projects except in the very rare cases where money will  be
No, I am suggesting that the Subcommittee request an honorarium as well as  
expenses. It is possible that none will be available. The Subcommittee will 
then  decide whether or not to send someone. Furthermore, as I mentioned earlier, 
not  every request for a speaker must be met. It is also okay to say no for 
any  number of reasons.

An additional point to consider is whether this subcommittee  will be
the ones booking the transport.
That would depend on who is paying for teh transportation.


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