[Foundation-l] board candidacies

Anthony wikilegal at inbox.org
Sat Aug 12 12:53:54 UTC 2006

On 8/12/06, Walter Vermeir <walter at wikipedia.be> wrote:
> Anthony schreef:
> [cut]
> > The biggest problem with using meta is that none of the standard tools
> > work across wikis.  You don't get notifications of talk page changes
> > on meta when you're hacking on Wikipedia, or Wikibooks.  The watchlist
> > feature covers one project at a time, etc.
> That problem can be fixt directly more or less. MediaWiki supports the
> function that you get an email when;
> [ ] E-mail me when a page I'm watching is changed
> [ ] E-mail me when my user talk page is changed
> [ ] E-mail me also for minor edits of pages
> That is only a matter of switching that function for meta. The you can
> select that in you user option.
Good point.  Maybe we should force all the candidates to use meta for
their discussion page, and let them know about that feature to head
off any complaints.  Anyone second the motion?

I still don't think it's significant that most/all candidates have
chosen to use the discussion page on the project they use the most,
when no one told them any advantages of doing otherwise.


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