[Foundation-l] board candidacies

Anthony wikilegal at inbox.org
Sat Aug 12 11:59:41 UTC 2006

On 8/11/06, Anthere <anthere9 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> ... we have meta, as the central place to meet together. Once a
> candidate publish his discussion page on a specific project, it somehow
> reduce the number of questions given by participants from other
> projects. It also reduces readability greatly, when the page mentionned
> in the talk page of the user, where a multiplicity of questions,
> relevant or not relevant to the elections also stand. It also prevents
> translation. And finally, it raises the question of whether the
> candidate even know what meta is.
The biggest problem with using meta is that none of the standard tools
work across wikis.  You don't get notifications of talk page changes
on meta when you're hacking on Wikipedia, or Wikibooks.  The watchlist
feature covers one project at a time, etc.

This should have been fixed years ago.  It hasn't been.  Hopefully one
of the achievements of the new board will be to integrate the projects

But in the mean time, I don't think it's at all unusual for a
candidate to publish his or her discussion page on a particular
project.  Checking meta all the time is just ridiculous.


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