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valdelli at bluemail.ch valdelli at bluemail.ch
Thu Aug 10 18:27:36 UTC 2006

I completely agree,
when I have seen the candidatures, I have had this first feeling: 
"a lot of candidates only english speaking (with a little knowledge 
of another language)".

The board should have a good communication and should be 
representative...  this don't mean that the members should be 
polyglot, but these are little signs... how many languages has got 
Wikipedia? Why?


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On 8/10/06, Anthony <wikilegal at inbox.org> wrote:
> On 8/10/06, Anthere <anthere9 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Internationally, it means that countries where the English 
> is widespread are probably going to have a greater 
> Changing this would be likely be extremely difficult and/or 
>  And it's somewhat of a catch-22: Wikimedia probably won't have 
> much representation from non-English speakers until it's easy 
> Wikimedians of different languages to communicate with each 
other, but
> until Wikimedia has more representation from non-English 
> translation issues will probably remain a relatively low 
> As for project representation, I don't think board members should 
> representing individual projects in the first place.  Wikipedia 
is by
> far the largest and most successful project, so it doesn't 
surprise me
> that board candidates use that project for their discussion 

I think you are missing the point entirely.
What we are asking is for this election to be representative of 
Wiki*m*edia community in its entirety, ie. all languages and all
projects. Being on the board of the Wikimedia Foundation as 
pointed out, does not mean changing policies in the English 
no more than in Wikisource or the Chinese Wikipedia for that 
It means seeing the greater vision, understanding, or be ready to
understand what's at stake in all projects and all languages, 
sure the projects are able to flourish regardless of their size or
fame in the outside world. It means taking the right decisions as 
where Wikimedia will use the money it has, the right decision on 
partners to choose so as to allow to pursue our mission, ie. 
free and open knowledge and access to information.

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