[Foundation-l] Emergency on Wiktionary

Walter Vermeir walter at wikipedia.be
Wed Aug 9 20:11:08 UTC 2006

Angela schreef:

> easy to see whether or not there are outstanding requests. Perhaps
> moving urgent requests to a separate section at the top would help in
> future. There is a (not-very-active) IRC channel at
> #wikimedia-stewards, but the #wikimedia channel is often a better
> place to find a steward in an emergency. I don't know whether either
> of these channels were tried before finding a developer.
> This might just be a sign that new steward elections are required.
> Angela.

I do not think there are to few stewards but it is to difficult to find one.

That can be fixt more or less. IRC is the best hope I think to contact a
steward if needed.

1) the stewards need to be online on IRC and best also in the
#wikimedia-stewards channel

-> I will send a message to the stewards to ask to also be in the
#wikimedia-stewards channel when the can. Some will probably not even
really know of the channel.
And to add there IRC Nick to;

2) Making it more easy for the users to get in that channel. I have
added #wikimedia-stewards to the list of channels you can go to from
http://chat.wikizine.org and included links to in from the steward and
request for permissions page

3) On the IRC channel of the dutch wikipedia there is a bot active to
get the attention of the sysops when a user has a problem. The user
enters a command ( !mod ) and then the  bot posts the names of all the
active sysops online. The then get probably a warning from there
IRC-client that there name is posted and some come to see what the
problem is. The bot operator is on holiday now. I can ask him of he can
provide a similar service for the stewards.

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