[Foundation-l] Fwd: [Wikipedia-l] GFW upgrade block level for Wikipedia

Jeffrey V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Tue Aug 8 15:08:47 UTC 2006

roc wrote:

>According to several Wikipedians living in Mainland China (excluding
>Hong Kong and Macao), the GFW block on Wikimedia has been upgraded to
>a new a level, it seems that:
>* Official Wikimedia proxies are blocked;
>* "zh.wikipedia.org" becomes a URL-level keyword for GFW.
>The upgrade was noticed and reported as early as August 7, 2006 9:30 UTC.
>This upgrade coincided with a Beijing News (新京報) report on Wikipedia.
>Sources cited: the forwarded message below (in English), and a
>discussion at zh_wikipedia at googlegroups (in Chinese).
>More information should be available.
>Please feel free to post messages in Chinese on this discussion
>thread, they will be translated into English. (本討論線中的中文信件會被翻譯為英文.)
>If it is not appropriate to discuss this matter in public here, we may
>continue the discussion in private methods, please advise.
>Best regards and wishes.
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>From: mingli yuan <mingli.yuan at gmail.com>
>Date: 2006/8/8 上午 12:52
>Subject: [Wikipedia-l] GFW upgrade block level for Wikipedia
>To: wikipedia-l at wikimedia.org
>After a report from Xinjingbao(The Beijing News,
>http://www.thebeijingnews.com/ ) on Wikipedia, yesterday afternoon the Great
>firewall of Chinese government upgrades its block level for Wikipedia. Today
>many Wikipedia users in China report that they can not access Wikipedia via
>the official proxy provides by MediaWiki Fundation.
>This is a another bad news for Mainland Chinese Wikipedians again. Seems
>hopeless for them.
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Two sites in Korea and China have been mirroring the entire English 
wikigadugi site and I have been allowing them to do so
based on this situation in China.  I was  also constantly under DOS 
attacks from various folks on ChinaNet, all of them from
ranges in Bejing.    They are still getting content and images from me 
second hand, and I have blocked most of ChinaNet,
including two large schools in Bejing whose students sole purpose seems 
to be to destroy my site through ssh hacking and
DOS attacks.  I moved the ssh ports to the internet network and blocked 
most of these ranges in the firewall for all ports except
port 80 READ commoands.  Over the past month, these sites making mirrors 
of the english version of wikigadugi have only
downloaded about 20% of the total English Wikipedia.  I am guessing 
someone over there is build a mirrored library of the
site in South Korea for use in China.    I am happy to help them.


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