[Foundation-l] Emergency on Wiktionary

Wildrick Steele wildrick.steele at gmail.com
Mon Aug 7 22:39:07 UTC 2006

On 07/08/06, Sean Whitton <sean at silentflame.com> wrote:
> According to IRC user Connel, there is a rogue admin loose on the
> English Wiktionary and several dangerous actions have been performed
> (main page deletion, open proxy unblocks etc.). A RfP has been up for
> several days and the admin has not been desysopped. I don't have any
> evidence of this right now and am trusting the user's words as a
> steward is needed *now*.
> Thanks,
> Xy
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Evidence enough at


With this in mind, I've been thinking whether it would be wise to have some
kind of feature that disallows admins from unblocking themselves and while
blocked not being able to perform admin actions.


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