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Walter Vermeir walter at wikipedia.be
Mon Aug 7 19:33:02 UTC 2006

Luiz Augusto schreef:
> Sorry for my English. To prevent loss of data, is possible to upload all
> video and audio files from Wikimania 2006 in Wikimedia servers? Keeping this
> only in freehosting services isn't a good idea.

I have recently posted the message below to an other list. Can not hurd
to post it here also. Waiting for feedback ...


preservation of available media ; is there "official" video/audio coming?

As internal subcom-member I am trying to get as many recordings of
Wikimania events collected.

On this page is listed what is available;

That are all media from non-official WMF sources.

I have seen 2 realmedia video live-stream feeds. The announced audio
stream I have not found.

Are those recordings kept? Will the be put online soon?

If so; is that only from the events where a live stream was available
or are there also offline audio/video recordings been made of the
other presentations? If so, will the be put online?

If not I will re-encode all mp3-audio recordings listed on the archive
page to Ogg Vorbis and upload them to commons. Contact the users who
provided the video listed there to ask to provide the source
recordings, make Ogg Theora files from those and also put those in
commons (if I can get them down to 20mb, very annoying that limited)

And I am also planning to try to contact all the people who have give
a presentation where there is not yet any recording from of the have
made their self a recording. Or of the are willing to make a new
recording by giving there presentation again and record it there self
this time.

But that I a lot of work for me and all the people involved. That is
why I need to know what , if anything, of official recordings is


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