[Foundation-l] enwiki dumps are busted/ISP Response to Fred

Jeffrey V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Mon Aug 7 04:20:50 UTC 2006

Nathan Carter wrote:

>On 8/7/06, Jeffrey V. Merkey <jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com> wrote:
>>Does anyone know when the enwiki dump will get fixed?
>>In response to Fred, I doubt you will ever get any of the ISP's on
>>anyone's side but their own.    They have no incentive to listen
>>and Wikipedia has a serious credibility problem with many of them due to
>>the fact that any of the 600+ admins can file these
>>reports, and many of them are malicious and spoofed.  Your suggestion
>>they should only come from the ARBCOM is a good
>>one.  Last time an administrator sent an ISP complaint in on me last
>>year, the email was thrown in the trash -- and after they
>>reviewed the article on me and the press issues with the JFK story, they
>>told me they won't ever accept them again from
>>There's also the problem with the Asian ISP's -- they could care less
>>and won't respond, esspecially the ones in Taiwan --
>>I've tried.
>>foundation-l mailing list
>>foundation-l at wikimedia.org
>Basically, the foundation needs to make these complaints via official
>channels. There is no use for each admin to bombard them with such
>foundation-l mailing list
>foundation-l at wikimedia.org
Absolutely correct. They WILL take a letter from Brad or Fred seriously. 
No Question of that.


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