[Foundation-l] complaining to ISPs

Jeff V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Fri Aug 4 22:58:52 UTC 2006

Jack wrote:

>>I would suggest creating a banned ISP listing with ranges based on
>>persistent vandals, and when they suspend the accounts, you will unblock
>>at the firewall. It fixed my vandalism problems. I have 0% vandalism at
>>the WikiGadugi site and I stuck it to WillyOnWheels.
>Jeff, you shoulda made this a board election issue - you could
>probably have gotten a ton of votes from all the good editors the
>vandals are slowly driving off.
I think the other candidates can certainly use the same platform if they 
wish and I'll throw the code
over the wall to the Foundation. 

I decided not to run for the position because,

A) I don't have time to travel all over the place at my own expense and 
run three companies too, plus WikiGadugi.
B) There are some folks in the community who would make a public stink 
and Jimbo's life mierable were I to be elected/appointed,
and fracture and polarize the community (not that big a concern but not 
a good starting point).
C) The Bylaws setup a 3-2 voting structure where the other board members 
are always going to get overruled on any vote that
is not 5-0.
D) The B&O Insurance won't cover any claims for the foundation board of 
trustees and I would have to get a policy from a group that handles
non-profits like the foundation. 
E) I have too many irons in the fire as it is, and the WikiGadugi 
project and my other interests will suffer.
F)  I am an excellent public speaker and look good in a suit, but a 
really good PR person is what's needed to be successful in this role
who is young and vibrant to give it an excellent public image, not an 
old Cherokee Indian Grandfather.



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