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Jeff V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Thu Aug 3 19:17:58 UTC 2006

Frederic wrote:

>Guten Tag Jeff V. Merkey,
>am Mittwoch, 2. August 2006 um 23:28 schrieben Sie:
>JVM> Julien Lemoine wrote:
>>>I have wrote a "google suggest" like service for wikipedia under GPL
>>>licence [1].
>>>By the way, I am not sure if this project will interest you, I am open
>>>to all comments from your community.
>>>I wrote a simple web site for english/french on 
>>>http://suggest.speedblue.org, all software are available in the 
>>>download section.
>>>Best Regards.
>>>Julien Lemoine
>>>[1] If you want me to change the licence to something other than GPL,
>>>please let me know.
>>>foundation-l mailing list
>>>foundation-l at wikimedia.org
>JVM> It's a start -- we also need a specialized file system for a google
>JVM> replacement.
>JVM> Jeff
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>JVM> foundation-l mailing list
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>I don't understand what the discussion is all about. Plse Explain.
Was hast du gemacht!   :-)

The search engine wiki is a great idea.  I am willing to develop an 
enhnaced replica of Googles File System archtiecture to run beneath it 
for this project. 
We will need developers on the php side to define a set of interaction 
rules to speed searches.

I would like to work out some set of agreements on the underlying 
technology to ensure it is controlled by the community.  Open Sourcing 
it is not
out of the question, but I would like to get some sort of consensus on 
how we develop it and keep it under the control of the Foundation and 
Wikipedia Community initially.  I would propose we develop it as a 
project jointly owned by the Foundation and the contributors to the 
project on
a concensus basis on who gets to use it and how as part of the licensing 
terms.  No such public license has ever been created, but we should 
attempt to do so.  This will ensure we have control over who uses it and 
for what purpose based on community concessus.  i.e.  the work should be 
jointly owned by the
creators as a "shared copyright".  Using it should be free -- owning it 
should be a community based position.

We need the following:

Clustered file system for massive search engine capabilities
distributed content crawlers to harvest the internet by scraping (we can 
start by scraping google and yahoo -- Wales already figured a lot
of this out with DMOZ.  He would be a big help here.
Distributed Search capability.

I'm in for the file system and underlying hardware platforms and 
hardware support, including SAN based and distributed models.  We should
not open source the code, but develop a community licensing scheme for 
the technology.  This way we can build a revenue model around hardware
and platform sales and certain classes of subscription services (not for 
the content itself but for services like "I want to link our educational 
organizations cluster of services to your central hub for automated 
image and content updates, translation services, and service and support 
and would like to compensate the foundation for these added services 
which are above and beyond simply public access to the information 
itself,  which is free).   I can see us creating all
sort of jobs for folks helping with content management, translation, 
publishing textbooks and selling hard copy books for education, etc.)  Stuff
that keeps the information free, but lets the Foundation have a viable 
revenue model to pay for everyones expenses and help give folks a stake
to build something that will endure 100 years from now.  Sort of like 
combining the power of Google and Amazon together.

That's what I'm thinking. 



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