[Foundation-l] Latest board resolutions

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Tue Aug 1 09:02:29 UTC 2006

Michael R. Irwin wrote:

>Jeffrey V. Merkey wrote:
>>They are a non-profit corp, which gives them all the rights of any 
>>citizen (since a corporation is a citizen).
>Right.   Which means in case of judicial error the corporation is likely 
>to be ordered to liquidate all assets if necessary to partially fullfull 
>any penalties assessed by the court.
>Ever hear of anyone bankrupted by an auto accident?
A corporation is a person, not a citizen.  Judicial error refers to an 
error in a judges ruling; I don't see what that has to do with anythin.  
An order to liquidate assets cannot be applied extraterritorially 
against owners who live in another country.

>>They are not going away (unless they want to), getting smashed, or being 
>>litigated into oblivion. If things really get
>>that bad, they can co-locate their hosting on Indian Land somewhere 
>>under "Native American Language Preservation"
>>and then they truly will have immunity from most causes of action if the 
>>program is run by one of the tribes with an English version
>>of the site as an adjunct "add on" non-primary site.
>So are there Sovereign Indian Lands somewhere which directly border 
>Canada or Mexico such that a data fiber link could be established 
>between the international internet and the servers without crossing U.S. 
The St. Regis Mohawk reserve straddles the Ontario-New York border.  The 
government gets upset about their cigarette smuggling.

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