[Foundation-l] Day 10 Fund Drive Report

Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 2 02:54:25 UTC 2005

Note: the fund drive is already over

On Day 10 (Sunday 27 February eastern US timezone since PayPal data are not
available in UTC) we made $4,062.10 (USD equivalent) through PayPal (completed
payments only; no updates available for other sources at this time). 

This is a decrease of 30.79% from Day 9 and represents 6.19% of total funds
collected so far ($65,636.93 ; only counting full days) and 5.42% of our goal
($75,000). At the end of Day 10 we had reached 87.52% of our goal. 

Day  10			Day 9 comparison	
PayPal		 USD equiv	USD equiv	%change
AUD	56.69	    $44.81	  $150.99	-70.32%
CAD 	191.76	   $155.38	  $217.95	-28.71%
EUR 	695.52	   $909.18	$1,503.15	-39.51%
GBP 	287.38	   $545.39	  $901.66	-39.51%
JPY	1850	    $17.54	  $153.99	-88.61%
USD	2389.79	 $2,389.79	$2,941.46	-18.75%
PayPal total:	 $4,062.10	$5,869.19	-30.79%
MoneyBookers	no data	            $0.00	 0.00%
Mail/Post	no data	            $0.00        0.00%
	TOTAL	$4,062.10	$5,869.19	-30.79%

Grand totals so far (only counting complete days)			
PayPal		   USD equiv	%GrandTotal
AUD	1675.49	   $1,324.47	 2.02%
CAD 	3148.76	   $2,551.44	 3.89%
EUR 	16107.59  $21,055.84	32.08%
GBP 	3637.44	   $6,903.13	10.52%
JPY	156008.00  $1,478.80	 2.25%
USD	31526.55  $31,526.55	48.03%
PayPal total:	  $64,840.24				
Moneybookers:	     $426.69	 0.65%
Mail/Post	     $370.00	 0.56%
GRAND TOTAL   	  $65,636.93	100.00%
% toward goal         87.52%	

For the most recent grand total and other details visit

Some selected comments from Day 10:
See http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Fund_drives/2005/Q1/Day_10

"Wikipedia has been invaluable as a ready source of concise, (usually) accurate
information. I only wish I had the means to give more." by Joe Vinson

"Continuemos, entre todos, por las licencias libres..." by Anonymous

"The most useful website of the net!" by Antonio Madonna

"Even though I've been pretty inactive, I'm still astounded at how Wikipedia
continues to grow and thrive!" by Brian Corr

"Vive auto-organisation" by Carlos Oliveira Reis

"The Wikimedia Foundation is a very worthy project and a great benefit to the
public. I'm honoured to contribute." by Casper Boden-Cummins

"This community project is a great example of how the internet should be used"
by Anonymous

"Wikipedia ist etwas vom besten das ich je im Internet gefunden habe! " by
Werner Kundert

"I really love this site" by Charles Reid

Some of my favorites:

"Knowlege and information are the only ways to avoid indoctrination, and this
right should be free to everyone." by Eric Portelance

"Wikipedia will soon make dictionaries and encyclopediae a thing of the past.
We must all nurture it in its fledgeling state!" by Jordan Borges

"Wikiversity is my passion" by Chris Burley

"Wikipedia is better than crack!" by Anonymous

"Education good" by Anonymous

"continuez !" by Anonymous

Daniel Mayer,
Wikimedia CFO

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