[Foundation-l] fr.wikinews logo

Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 11:44:16 UTC 2005

nicolas.weeger wrote:

>Unless my Internet cache is totally wrong, the fr.wikinews logo is now the "official" wikinews one, without the beta. But considering how many edits there are on this language, i'd pretty much favor the big red "BETA" warning it used to have....
>Nicolas Ryo
That is a route you do not want to go. The fr:wikinews is controversial, 
there has been a lot of agro about it being started in the first place. 
The Wikinews project as a whole is not beta anymore so consequently the 
French wikinews is not BETA either.

Your point is that the news coverage is not great. This is true for 
other Wikinews projects as well. The nl:wikinews is not lively 
either.The last article written there was by me because I wanted some 
more action.. :( (This was on the 19th after 14 days of no new news)

What you are really after is something different: "what is the minimum 
level of activity to have the continued existence of a wikinews." No 
news in 14 days might qualify. Then again, how do you treat the request 
for a restart ? Again five known editors promissing to give it a go ?? 
It is a Pandora's box, but please let hope leave her box.. :)


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