[Foundation-l] Day 5 Fund Drive Report

Daniel Mayer maveric149 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 23 20:43:07 UTC 2005

On Day 5 (Tuesday 22 February eastern US timezone since PayPal data are not
available in UTC) we made $6,704.38 (USD equivalent) through PayPal (completed
payments only; no updates available for other sources at this time). This is a
increase of 6.63% from Day 4 and represents 16.21% of total funds collected so
far ($$41,352.44 ; only counting full days) and 8.94% of our goal ($75,000). 

All Wikimedia sites were either down or slow and read-only for most of the day.

Day 5			        Day 4 comparison	
PayPal		USD equiv	USD equiv	%change
AUD	  42.22	     $33.37	   $23.46	 42.25%
CAD 	 287.30	    $232.80	  $608.01	-61.71%
EUR 	 953.10	  $2,553.09	$1,844.16	 38.44%
GBP 	 313.77	   $595.47	  $598.17	 -0.45%
JPY	13792 	   $130.73	   $76.61	 70.65%
USD	3158.91	 $3,158.91	$3,137.11	  0.69%
PayPal total:	 $6,704.38	$6,287.52	  6.63%
		no data	            $0.00	-na-
	TOTAL	$6,704.38	$6,287.52	6.63%

NOTE: Pending transactions are also included in the below numbers (some of them
will likely turn out to be canceled)

Grand totals so far (only counting complete days)			
PayPal		   USD equiv	%GrandTotal
AUD	 1197.00     $946.23	 2.29%
CAD 	 1972.57   $1,598.37	 3.87%
EUR 	11343.52  $14,828.25	35.86%
GBP 	 1951.24   $3,703.06	 8.95%
JPY	104096	     $986.73	 2.39%
USD	18863.11  $18,863.11	45.62%
PayPal total:	  $40,925.75	
		    $426.69	1.03%
GRAND TOTAL	 $41,352.44	100.00%
% toward goal 	    55.14%	

For the most recent grand total and other details visit

Some selected comments from Day 5:
See http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Fund_drives/2005/Q1/Day_5

"The best site to arise from the internet: free access to all human knowledge"
by Raymond Hill

"Wikipedia is my homepage. I learn something new everyday." by Anonymous

"Knowledge should be free, and that is what Wikipedia is about!" by Hendrik

"I wikipedia now instead of google my searches." by Michael Patronik

"as an international student in sweden where books are expensive, this free
library is wondeful" by Florian Gruenke

"just a small token of appreciation for SUCH a wonderful group of resources" by

"Wikipedia is the most informative website I have ever been to" by Timothy

"Hopefully this can help prevent future outages! Keep up the great work, from
everyone at tp.org!" by Joseph Moran

"Wikimedia is entertaining, reliable and important. Thank you." by Anonymous

"Thanks Wikipedia. You're my favourite website." by Oliver Kiehl

"Nice work to all involved behind the scenes!" by Anonymous

"Wikipedia is a shining example of the power and durability of the original
Internet spirit: preserving and extending the commons." by Fergus O'Reilly

"image is nothing, thirst for knowledge is everything" by Anonymous

"Wikimedia projects: the 8th wonder of the world, thanks !" by Francois Schnell

"I'd rather read Wikipedia than my college text books." by William Rose

Some of my favorites:

"i just found this place out! and hell yes i'll support this!" by Don Nguyen

"The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true
liberty." by Izaro Lopez-Garcia

"You guys rock. We use MediaWiki software for our wiki and love it. Thanks for
making our dream project possible." by Jack Herrick

"If you use it, and you can afford it, you SHOULD pay for it." by Tucker Lentz

"Brilliant" by Anonymous

Daniel Mayer, 
Wikimedia CFO

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