[Foundation-l] An other attempt for Announce-l; central info about wikimedia tech status and info

Walter Vermeir . walter at wikipedia.be
Wed Aug 17 14:17:12 UTC 2005

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At the end of 2002 on my request the mailing list Announce-l was created.

This because I noticed there was a serious problem whit internal
communication inside Wikipedia. Changes where done to the software,
important decisions where made whitout anybody who is not a mailing list
junky to know about it. Especially the problem to get information form the
English language community to the others.

The idea was to use the mailing list Announce-l for the announcement of
important things that have a impact for all wikipedias in all languages.
This for technical and organisational matters. So at least it could be
possible to inform the non-English wikipdias about what was going on and
maybe even give some feedback.

It has received whit an 100% positive responds but only one (1) reaction.
Again; thank you Daniel Mayer. So it never happened.

We are now 3 years later.

In general, things are a bit better. Aldo I think my original idea would
still be useful.

Now I would like to ask of the following "light edition" of Announce-l can
get support and implemented.

- use Announce-l for the reporting of problems whit the operation of the
services of the Wikimedia projects. Status reports about it and when it
works again.

Not for discussing or for bug rapports, only to inform the community. A
moderated list, low traffic.

This should be done by the technical staff of wikimedia.


== search function ==

Some time ago a received by the email system for questions to the Dutch
Wikipedia some questions why the
can not find the new articles the have written.

I know that the search function is not live but it works whit a special
search database. So I asked them to wait until an update. But because it
takes so long for the update I have asked on the lists about it. It seems
that the update system is broken so new articles can not be found.

So now I can inform other users when there are questions about it and can
put up an notice on the search page about this.

When will I work again? I can only test to see.

For something like this Announce-l can be used. When it is known that the
update function for the search system does not work anymore a member of
the technical staf can send an message to Announce-l. And when it works
again or there is news about it again.

== OTRS ==

On a normal day the Dutch Wikipedia receives about 8 emails form visitors.
How the emails are done is an important part of how we can make a good
impression.  All emails must be answered fast and professional.

Because I noticed the lack of new emails I start investigation. On
bugzilla no clue, only a ticket a have created so time ago when OTRS was
also not working. On the IRC #wikimedia-servers (or something like that) I
found a notice that OTRS is down. The last message I have received from
OTRS is from Saturday 13 august around 12 hours GMT. I have discovered it
Tuesday around 22:00 hours.

When I know OTRS does not work or will not work I can redirect the
incoming emails so the do not go to OTRS and we can answer them outside
OTRS. But I need to know it does not work to do so.

Also for this Announce-l would be very useful. Send an email "OTRS is
down, emails are in a que" or so and again when it works again.

Or when there will be an upgrade of MediaWiki. To say between X and x we
will upgrade the wiki to version X of MediaWiki. During the upgrade the
database will be locked for about 10 minutes.

Sysops will have after the upgrade have the option to rename account.  See

Now new functions are discovered after an upgrade.

If, and only if, Announce-l is always used for this type of things this
list can become very useful for those wikipedians who like to inform there
community and visitors about what i going on whit there wiki.

Contact: walter AT wikipedia.be
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