[Engineering] Upcoming holidays/events and their impact on the deployment schedule

Greg Grossmeier greg at wikimedia.org
Wed Sep 27 23:12:07 UTC 2017

Hello all,

It's that time of year again where the density of holidays increases and
at the same time our plans for fundraising also increase.

Per our usual practice we will be not doing deployments at various
points in the next few months. Here's the full outline:

Reminder for all on we did last year:
* No MW train the week of Thanksgiving (but SWAT deploys were open for
  high-priority things).
* No deploys (at all) the last two weeks of December. People were happy
  with this.
* The first week of January was normal (minus Monday being Jan 2nd, our
  observed New Year's Day holiday) deployment wise.
* The second week was weird due to Dev Summit/All Hands: No MediaWiki
  train, only SWATs as needed on Mon/Tues/Wed. No SWATs/deploys during
  All Hands.

I imagine we'll do similarly. In that case (looking at the calendar....)

* No MW train the week of Thanksgiving (Nov 20th), SWATs open for high
  priority things
* No deploys weeks of Dec 18th and 25th (last two weeks)
* Normal week week of Jan 1st (minus no deploys that Monday)
* The Dev Summit and WMF All Hands is the week of January 22nd, so that
  will be a "No Train but SWATs OK on Mon/Tues/Wed" week.
* The following week (week of January 29th) the Release Engineering team
  will be on an offsite, so a week of "No Train, but SWATs and service
  deploys OK".

This is now on-wiki at:



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