[Engineering] git.wikimedia.org (Gitblit) going away on June 29th, redirected to Phabricator

Greg Grossmeier greg at wikimedia.org
Tue Jun 21 21:16:06 UTC 2016

== tl;dr ==
On June 29th git.wikimedia.org (running Gitblit) will redirect all
requests to Phabricator. The vast majority of requests will be correctly

== What is happening? ==
In an effort to reduce the maintenance burden of redudant services we
will be removing git.wikimedia.org. The software that has been serving
git.wikimedia.org, Gitblit, has given our Operations team many headaches
over the years[0] and now that we have all repositories hosted in
Phabricator[1] there is no reason to keep Gitblit around. Phabricator's
Diffusion (the name of the code browser) provides the needed
functionality that Gitblit served (mostly viewing/browsing repositories,
something which Gerrit does not do).

== When will it happen? == 
June 29th

== How could this affect me? ==
Potentially, you use an unpopular (in the sense of not used often)
feature of Gitblit that is not supported in Diffusion. This should be

Potentially, a link you follow that pointed to somewhere on
git.wikimedia.org will not redirect correctly. This is also unlikely as
we (mostly @Danny_B and @Paladox) took great care to update many
mediawiki.org templates along with providing very robust redirect
rules[2]. If you find one that isn't working, please let us know (along
with the original url and, if possible, the desired target in

One known issue to call out: Diffusion does not list commits by person.
However Differential (the code-review tool) does this (not just for new
commits). There is no easy/maintainable way to redirect those,

Something else broken? Please file a task in Phabricator in the
#Diffusion project[3].


Greg, on behalf of WMF Release Engineering (and all the volunteers who
helped along the way (and Ops!))

[0] eg: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T73974
[1] https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/diffusion/
[2] https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T137224
[3] https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/project/profile/53/

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