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Tobias Oelgarte tobias.oelgarte at googlemail.com
Mon May 16 15:44:27 UTC 2011

Am 16.05.2011 17:20, schrieb geni:
> On 16 May 2011 15:55, Chris McKenna<cmckenna at sucs.org>  wrote:
>> The subject matter of this image is not sexual. Therefore it is not
>> pornographic.
> A semi-naked women posing in a position that accents her secondary
> sexual characteristics is not sexual?
A picture showing a naked woman is natural. Come to Germany and enjoy 
some time at a FKK (Freie Körper Kultur, eng. Free body culture) beach. 
There is nothing pornographic (sexual) about this.
>> Commons does not presently make this distinction and so your satement is
>> irrelevant to it appearing on today's main page.
> Your agument was about featured status not main page status.
>> If you wish to make this
>> distinction, please propose it, along with a rationale and the
>> objective criteria you propose to use. If your proposal gains consensus
>> then images you object to will not appear on the main page.
> Historically we've found allowing some of our more respected and less
> juvenile admins to make the call works well.
Commons and the other projects are communities. We like to dicuss things 
first. Up to day there was no problem, until such an intervention made a 
problem out of this topic.
>> No, within the context of the culture you are viewing it in, you are
>> interpreting it as "low level errotica".
> You know those two positions are not actually mutually exclusive
>> In the context I am viewing it in, I'm seeing nothing of the sort.
> And which context would that be? I thought we had abolished all the
> blind colonies.
>> According to the description provided by the creator it does not appear to
>> be anything of the sort.
> It's a long standing observation that artists of many types tend to
> avoid specifically stating such facts.
Im not avoiding it. If it was created for pleasure of the eye or sexual 
desires, i would state it as this. Actually this image was created after 
the last call from Jimbo himself. Yes it should show some kind of kink. 
This was intended, but nothing more then a reaction to the previous 
intervention which failed in so many aspects.
>> The creator is apparently German. I believe that current German culture is
>> far more permissive with regards nudity than contemporary American or
>> British culture. There is certainly much less equasion of nudity with sex
>> than in these two cultures.
> Oh indeed but within the Naturism movement there is such a thing as context
I named this image "On the Edge", because... Aren't we on some kind of 
edge currently?
>> I'm not aware of anywhere that exempts the main page from the "Commons is
>> not censored" policy, nor of any other policy that states it is censored.
>> If you wish to change this please gain consensus.
> Oh if we want to play that game there is no policy stating applying
> discretion to what we feature on the main page makes commons censored.
Maybe we should create such an policy. In German wikipedia we had such 
an decission a good time ago. Closed with 233:13, to not censor the 
mainpage by any means. (Note: Many german contributers participate as 
well on commons)

>> Okay. I don't understand how this relates to this image though.
> It's possible that  you are one of Kinsey's 1.5% but even then we
> would expect you to be able to work it out on a purely intellectual
> basis.
>> I am not the one claiming this image is offensive or inapropriate. I am
>> saying that as Commons is not censored (other than is required by the
>> laws of Florida where it is hosted), we do not judge what is and is not
>> offensive.
> So? That doesn't make your position culturally neutral.
Greetings from Tobias

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