[Commons-l] Fwd: [Gendergap] Photo of the Day on Wikimedia Commons

geni geniice at gmail.com
Mon May 16 14:33:39 UTC 2011

On 16 May 2011 15:24, Chris McKenna <cmckenna at sucs.org> wrote:
> On Mon, 16 May 2011, Ryan Kaldari wrote:
> Please cite your sources for the (lack of) artistic, historic, or cultural
> significance for this image and all the other examples cited.

Thats asking someone to prove a negative. If you wish to claims that
the image has artistic, historic, or cultural significance please
provide evidence that it does.

> Citation needed for a /very/ offensive remark.

Please show that the remark is offensive. With reference facts and
evidence. Please do so in an objective and culturally independent manner.

> Please define "reasonable person" in an objective, culturally neutral way.

See case law deriving from Vaughan v. Menlove


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