[Commons-l] Fwd: [Gendergap] Photo of the Day on Wikimedia Commons

Neil Kandalgaonkar neilk at wikimedia.org
Mon May 16 07:20:13 UTC 2011

On 5/16/11 8:35 AM, phoebe ayers wrote:

> This seems like a good plan. But I have a question for Commonistas:
> where? I was looking for the page where the "picture of the day" is discussed
> and chosen, and I can't find it. Can someone explain how this process works?

People just create the templates, in advance. As others have pointed out 
it's possible to browse ahead to see what's "scheduled".

Here's the history for 2011-05-16, along with my tendentious commentary 
when I changed it. ;)


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